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Breaking Point

Sitting in my closet, my heart was heavy and my eyes were swelling.  I took in deep breaths and brought myself back to when I was a child.  All I ever wanted to be was a mom. Every picture I drew, every story I told, every question I was asked, was about being a mom.  In these moments of shedding tears, I realized I wasn’t the mom that I pictured when I was little. I wasn’t the mom that I wanted to be.  This was powerful, it was a larger than life feeling. Who was I and what kind of mom had I become. I sat and took several deep, calming breaths before I got myself up.  

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Toxin Free

I have found myself through the years getting entangled in drama, and negativity, gossip and  quick judgement, and it was draining the light inside me. I am not a gossipy person, nor do I see the worst in people.  I was becoming someone I wasn’t, and the negative energy was becoming mine.

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