How Velcro Shoes Came Together

You would think all my dreams had come true, having 3 beautiful boys, but it hasn’t been till recently that I realized the gifts I had been given.  I do have to remind myself, almost daily, but I am in practice of counting my blessings. In the past few years before I turned 40, I have been lost, confused, frustrated, alone, and not knowing where I belong.  In a town where my grandfather raised my dad, and now I am raising my boys, I felt I didn’t belong. I started reading books, actual books (for those that know me, know I don’t read), meditating by doing burpees each morning, which was the only way I could silence my head, and learning to be okay being alone with myself… and to learn who I am.  

I have found my path, although filled with bumps and curves, I am on it.  I am doing what I do best, talking and connecting. I am sharing stories that I am not ashamed of, because they have created the story of my life and I am doing my best to be vulnerable and real and to tell them as they should be told.  On this journey, I am slowly discovering who I am.  I am not just a mom of 3 boys, or a mom of kids with special needs, I am so much more.  In the daily grind of being a mom, wife and maintaining a career, I have lost my spark, my desire to better myself.  I have put all others before me, taking the backseat as life passes by. It is now my time to take care of myself. Without putting my family to the side, I am learning how to simplify my life and focus on what is important.   I am taking control of my life and am going to start working on me; my mind, body and soul. I will follow my passion and learn to believe in myself - that I am worthy.   



I am a beach girl, born and raised.  I live for sunny days and watching my kids laugh and discover the world.  When I open my eyes and listen with my heart, I am grateful for all the gifts that surround me.

I am a wife and a mother, a daughter, sister, aunt, niece, grand-daughter and friend.   My husband (who is the love of my life) is a born local.  We have the best of friends and live for the fun times in our hometown.  Someday we will share stories with our kids… maybe.  

I was blessed with three beautiful boys that could not be any more different from one another.  They share their gifts with us and we learn so much from them everyday.  Each one of us come into this world wrapped in a box. I believe that there are no perfectly wrapped boxes tied with a bow.  We are unique and all worthy of being.  If seen without judgement, our true beauty will shine.  


I was chosen to be the mother of 3 boys, not perfect, not without fault.  Each with struggles (some more than others) and gifts… they have taken me on a journey and are helping to create the story of my life.  I am learning how colorful the pages are with each story I tell and every moment I remember.

I am in practice to be vulnerable and authentic.  I am sharing stories as an outlet, but also to remind us all that we are not alone.  I am a talker and a sharer of experience.  I learn from listening.  I share of my kids struggles, the programs we have gone through and specialists we have seen.  I am proud of my children...not speaking about their obstacles or diagnosis doesn’t change who they are. If I can help just one person by sharing my stories, whether it helps them find direction or just feel connected… I will.