2019 Peace Out Selfie

New Year’s resolution time.  The time of year where I am supposed to look deep within and come up with some amazing motivational statement or mantra for the year.  Or I can look on IG and like everyone else’s quotes that are life changing. I could easily throw out the resolutions to stop yelling at my kids, be present, work out and lose weight - which has been on my list since I was 5, or make more money, save money, don’t sweat the small things.  This year has been different though.

I have been struggling with finding what I want to change, what I want to better in my life.  I fight myself over the technology and constant phones in not only my boys faces, but mine, and my husbands.  Have we turned into that pathetic family, sitting at a restaurant together, but not together at all???? I have fallen into the IG trap.  I have found myself consumed, trying to take the perfect “candid” photo of my life to post. I struggle that in this day in age, if you want a successful business, especially when it is based on ME and MY life, how can I not put myself out there?  How can I not post? Am I selling myself? How many followers do I really need? I know the only people that I want following me, don’t give my photos likes or comments, but they talk to me on the phone, like full old school style - hard to believe I know.   So my resolution to take myself off social media, is still in the works… but the search for the perfect selfie is no longer. I am missing out on life, we are all missing out on life. As I am trying to memorialize the sunset or how much I love my new shoes, I am missing my son yelling at me to watch as he flys down the slide into the pool.  I don’t want to miss one more moment of my life. I can’t get back time, it is precious and I am giving it away to who? Whoever WHO is… they are not worth it. The people that matter the most, don’t need to like or comment on a photo that I post, the are already living the moments with me…

Angela Wingard