Speaker & Paralympian - Allison Compton

There are so many amazing women in this world, they surround us everyday.  The woman who stands in front of you in the coffee shop - who is a cancer survivor, and the girl in your son’s class who works hard to read despite her dyslexia.  There are warriors all around, we just have to open our eyes to see them.

Allison Ahlfeldt, as I know her, now Allison Compton, is empowering and an inspiration to all!  She has turned what one would consider a disability into a platform to share her story and give hope to others alike that anything is possible with determination and believing in yourself.  

Allison was born with a underdeveloped femur, causing her right leg to be ½ the size of her left.  Her parents, heartbroken, had to make the decision to amputate her leg from the hip down, or have the doctors perform a very difficult procedure that would leave Allison with the greater use and control of her leg. After watching Allison use her little foot as a baby to stabilize herself, they knew they couldn’t amputate.  

Allison’s procedure was a medical success.  Her leg is ½ the length of her left still, but now her little foot faced backwards instead of forward.  She is able to use her heel to support and take the impact. When using her prosthetic leg, she has much more control over the use of her leg.  

Allison has gone on to be a forced to be reckoned with.  There was no stopping her. She did what she wanted, regardless of her handicap - she loved a challenge.  I am so fortunate to have experienced this first hand. Allison and I played on a volleyball team together in the 7th grade.  Her skills were remarkable, but the fact that you forgot before you noticed she had a prosthetic leg, embraces every aspect of who she is.  I can remember being in Las Vegas for a tournament… all us crazy girls, running the halls of the Circus Circus hotel. Allison had her prosthetic leg off and was running with us, faster than us.  We were all smiles and laughter. Allison had the ability to make us all feel comfortable and taught us such a valuable lesson at a young age. Nothing stopped her, she was sharing her gifts with us all.  I am grateful for knowing her.

Fast forward, years have past and learning about all the amazing things she has accomplished and how she has persevered, is no surprise.  Allison has had an epic volleyball career, taking home the bronze medal for the USA Paralympic team. She has looked adversity in the eye and taken on every challenge with grace and determination.  She gives hope to every kid out there who thinks that their dreams are unreachable. She is a wife and a mother and living a life we would all dream to live, a life of love and happiness. Allison shares her story and continues to amaze so many each and every day.  She is a warrior!

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