My daughter Seren is a bright shining star. She is a self-taught contortionist, artist, story writer, gymnast, horse-riding and epic swimming legend. She is known as the chicken whisperer as chickens love her. She spends her Saturday mornings at the farmers market with the animals and walks around with a chicken on her head. She teaches the little children how to hold a chicken, and how to be with the animals. She has a way with horses that’s incredible; they trust her. She reads her stories to the kindy kids (even though she’s dyslexic and struggles to read). She has a big heart and a zest for life and she certainly keeps me on my toes! There’s nothing she can’t do, no one that she can’t be and she’s a blessing to this world.

She’s been labeled with ADHD, anxiety and defiance, but it’s not their fault, it’s just they don’t realize. These children are rebel lights in our world. They see the world so differently, and society wants them to fit in, be the same as everyone else and act normal; but was is normal anyway? We are all so unique and everyone one of us has something beautiful to bring to this world. Our planet and evolution needs extraordinary and that’s why these children are here; to change the status quo. They are here to change things, speak their truth, and shine their light.

They are connected to nature and animals and are here to change the world. Let’s not let the labels define them. Let us be warrior women that help them to shine their light into the world. Let’s allow them to be who they are called here to be without trying to control and tame them. Let’s get rid of our fears, perfections and remove the cloak of shame. Let’s stand tall, be proud and allow our children to be our teachers. Seren you are bright shining star, thank you for choosing me to your mama! We got this. ⭐️

WarriorsAngela Wingard