Do you want to hear something insane? I had 3 babies in under a year and a half and am still alive! Thats basically my claim to fame around here. Many have asked how I do it, shhh don't tell but here is how its done: First, I have no choice. Second, lots of coffee and lots of wine. Third, its actually the best thing that has ever happened to me so I... "Just Do it." Those little bugs and my amazing husband are my entire life. I wouldn't have it any other way. In my previous life, I coordinated weddings, concerts and planned corporate events. I have lived in a third world country, just to see if I could cut it (I lasted about a year) and I changed careers ( I now have my masters in bilingual education…random..but helpful!) just because the thought of having kids and traveling as much as I did made my stomach churn. I found this explosion of creativity after my first son was born and once my twins were born I just ached to craft or create something, anything all the time. Life has brought many many ups and a couple hurdles…nothing we can't overcome. There are so many things I have yet to explore. I am so excited to learn and explore with you! Cheers to new discoveries! 

When Two little Bugs decided to Join the Fun


My Nolan was 6 months old and he and I were baking a German chocolate cake for his daddy's birthday. (Slacker Nolan was making me do all the work.) Just like I had done every year since we had been dating…passing on the baton from his amazing mother who had done it since he was a little boy. While cracking the eggs for the cake, I found two of the eggs were twin eggs…thats right. One egg, two yolks. OMG, if I was pregnant, I would have been totally freaked out! That night we had champagne, German chocolate cake with twin eggs, you know, normal stuff. The next day, I just had to …..I just had to take a pregnancy test cause those eggs were still haunting me. Negative! Yes! I hopped into the shower and something told me to check the test again, so on my way out of the shower I took a peek and, GOOD GOD, two lines. no. NO WAY. Oh God. How do I tell steve? AHHHHHH. Okay. Suck it up…you can do this. I march up the stairs and just ever so gentle say "steve?"……immediately he responds.."your pregnant!" 

That was easy.

Okay, I'm pregnant. Those eggs. Those DAMNED eggs! We had to wait 4 weeks to see Dr. Sharffenberger (try saying that 3 times fast). February 14, this is what we saw on that little screen. TWO YOLKS!!

I mean that's crazy, right? I'm totally not making any of this up…this really happened!

Obviously we are in shock at this point. Laughing hysterically in Dr. Sharfennbergers office. I have the tendency to laugh when I am nervous, a lovely trait my mom passed on to me. ahhhh…good times. now what?