More than Just a Mom

I think I was meant to be famous in another life.  Living the life I invision with my husband and boys, traveling the world, having money, doing work that makes differences in others lives… living the dream.  Why do I think I have to be famous to have all of this? Are famous people the only ones who can live their dreams? And as far as I know, this is the only life I have, so if I am going to be famous, it is going to have to be in this one.  So what has been holding me back for so long, that it has taken me nearing my 40’s to realize I can have anything I want, I can live my dreams!    

The pit that sat inside my stomach, the feeling of being unfulfilled that kept me up at night, with ideas and dreams swirling like a tornado above my head was controlling my life.  I had so much going on and I felt like my tornado was getting bigger and I could no longer grab hold of the things I wanted in life. I was constantly waiting for someone to notice the good inside of me, like this saint was going to come and save me, offer me some dream job, or better yet, just hand me a bunch of cash and tell me to go live my dream.  I was watching everyone else around me do what they love, make money, travel, live their dreams, and instead of putting my big girl panties on and facing my fears, I sat complaining about my life. I had had enough. I was tired of feeling not enough, unsuccessful, not worthy, tired, alone, and living on a hamster wheel. I was not going to be scared of the unknown, I wasn’t going to let it hold me back anymore.  I was ready to get uncomfortable. I knew I wanted more out of life and I was ready to figure out what that meant, and how I was going to make it happen. 

So now I sit three years later, having started a blog, about to publish my first book and onto writing my second, I have connected with the most amazing women who are now my sisters, and am now doing what I was meant to do, help others.  I am paying it forward. I am holding space for other women to discover their passion and purpose. I am here to pull them back everytime they runaway from their fears and hold them accountable to be their true selves. Being able to watch these women transform, being vulnerable and showing the true beauty in who they are, is a gift.  

I was able to transform through sharing my story, my journey thus far.  My struggles in life are not gone, they will always be here. I share about being a mom to three very different boys.  My oldest, having learning difficulties, my middle having Autism and my youngest being diagnosed a perfectionist, which ends up being the hardest to manage.  This is only part of my story, but it is a big part. We all have stories to share. We can use our stories to help others, and when we are vulnerable and look within, we realize that the person we are helping the most is ourselves.  

As my life is shifting and my transformation continues, so will my blog and my purpose.  I will continue to share about my kids and life being an Autism Mom on Velcro Shoes. My new website will be launching soon and I will be focusing on helping YOU.  I am here to support you, encourage you, hold space for you, so that you can discover who you were meant to be. In this one life we have to live, take the risk, learn to trust yourself, and allow yourself to follow your dreams and find your passion.  You are worth it and I believe in you!  

Start transforming your life and begin living your dreams.

Angela Wingard