Something More


Lately I have felt that I was not put on this earth to work.  I know that sounds funny, but I don’t think any of us were put on this earth to jump into a hamster wheel and work - without enjoying life.  What is my purpose? Why am I here? I need to find some meaning to my life, and make a difference with passion and truth.

I started writing and began my blog to share my journey and to be vulnerable and authentic in hopes to discover my path.  During this search I have discovered a lot and learned a lot. I began reading books that were so powerful and felt like I wrote the words myself.  I embraced new ideas and received energy from stones and crystals. I was read cards and learned that I was standing in my own way of discovering me.  I learned my intuitiveness was real, and I need to listen to what I feel. This was really hard in the beginning, to know I was my own problem and that the answers were there for me to see if I opened my eyes.  I would second guess and overthink every move and decision. It wasn’t until I started writing more and allowing my days to not be so over controlled, that things started to surface.

I have always been a giver.  I have been told by several energy readers that I give to much.  We all have a tank inside us. When our tank is overflowing, or full, we can give to others.  My tank was empty and I was still giving. I was told that this is how people get sick, it scared me to the core.  My entire life, I have always done more for others than myself. I would give my last penny to anyone in need. I always go above and beyond for friends and family, it is worth it just to see them light up.  I am do-er, a go getter, I stop at nothing when I have a goal and am determined. There is something inside me that glows when I see others success and happiness.

Trying to figure out what my purpose is, or what I am supposed to do with my life is not easy.   I started working in a downtown Manhattan Beach boutique when I was 13. I don’t even think that was legal, but I was responsible and acted older than my age.  My list of jobs and careers is countless. The careers I had after college, were many. Looking back, as I left each job, I knew there was something greater out there for me.  


My Many Hats

Fashion Industry - Watching hard working hispanic women get let go after years of sewing garment after garment, I quit.  These women had worked for years, and they were let go without a care. Their skills and hard work, made this company.  I could not support these women being treated as if they were trash. They worked harder than anyone, had families to feed and take care of and were my friends.  

Teacher - I truly loved teaching.  All I ever wanted to be since I was 3 was a “mommy”, so teaching before becoming a mom was the next best thing.  I love being creative and I was a fun young teacher to a second grade class. I ended my career after two short years just before I got married.  I realized that I did not love teaching - truly teaching - 2+2=4… not my thing. What I did love was being a part of these kids lives, every day, teaching them life lessons and making a difference.

Partner and creator of Haiden Surf -  I loved creating something and working to make it a success.  My partner and I did this all on our own. She was the business side, I was the creative.  We learned along the way, the blind leading the blind. We were successful, having celebrity kids, Levi McConaughey, Kardashian kids and others,  photographed wearing our trunks on various magazines. We were in 100+ stores including Nordstroms, across the nation. Shipping out of my garage, we were two girls working our butts off, putting every cent we made into our next production.  My partner moved to Wisconsin and I could not carry our line that was based out of Los Angeles on my own.

Realtor - To this day I am still in Real Estate.  My mom has been doing Real Estate since I was born in ‘77.  I have always helped her on and off through the years, but always vowed I would NEVER be a Realtor.  My mom was and still is a workaholic, it is what she knows and she is good at. Picking up phone calls during dinners, holidays and vacations… I would never have a job that controlled my life.  Here I am working by her side, trying to do it in my own way. Real Estate is NOT my passion. It is a constant tug of war. I hate it at times, and then I make a sale, and realize I need Real Estate to keep my family afloat.  The thing I do LOVE about it is the people (most of them ;)). I love being able to make people’s dreams come true. Finding a house they can turn into their home, there is nothing more rewarding.

Interior Stylist-  I have always had a passion for design and have a really good eye for styling.  I think my OCD and need to organize helps with the way I want things to look. I was not schooled in design, I am just good at it (I think I can say that without it sounding boastful)... I am good at it because I am passionate about it.  A friend convinced me to start a my own business and I did. Alli B. Interiors was born. I have learned as much as I love this creative outlet, I don’t love it as a job. I like helping my friends and family and giving them my thoughts on design and styling.  Creating spaces that you live in and love is awesome.


Although many may think my blog is geared towards kids with special needs, or kids who have challenges, that is only a part of it.  It is a part of it because that is a part of me and a part of my journey - a big part. My blog is THE STORIES OF MY LIFE - my journey, my truth.  I am sharing that with you. The latest truth is that I have been lost, lost with who I am and meant to be. This path is full of discovery. I am finding my inner strength and power.  My power to be courageous and love who I am. I have learned I am drawn to empowering women. I want to help them accomplish their dreams and find their passion. I want to be around them and feel their energy.  I am drawn to them. I am drawn to their drive, their humbleness, their desire to make a difference, their beauty, strength,vulnerability, acceptance, open mindedness, courage and truth. Their passion for life.  I am realizing I am one of the women I want to surround myself with. I am empowering and I want to celebrate those around me. My blog - Velcro Shoes - is about connecting and uniting with others… so I want to share their  journeys and stories as I connect with them and discover their amazing truths.

Angela Wingard