Liquid Sunshine


I was introduced to essential oils about 5 years ago by two of my closest friends from childhood.  Both of them were believers and fully engaged wanting to learn everything about them. I am not a reader, so I was waiting for them to figure it all out and then tell me what to do.  They really pushed me to start trying them knowing the benefits they could provide for Caden, my Autistic son.

Surrounded by bottles, rollers, diffusers and so many oils, I am not going to lie, I was a little overwhelmed.  I trusted in what my friends told me and followed their lead. I am a believer and have been using oils since. I am a practicing oil user.  I am learning all the time and trying new things. It has become a part of my lifestyle. The benefits I have seen are why I continue to use them.  Not only with my son’s Autism, but they can be used for many other things; growing pains, headaches, eczema, bug bites, canker sores, sore muscles, stomach issues, concentration… I could go on and on.  So many people ask me about oils and want me to share and teach them. Although I love my oils and they are apart of my daily life, it is not one of the balls I juggle. I am overjoyed to share with you two amazing women who can introduce and teach you about essential oils.  

Follow your dreams and find your passion!  That is exactly what Kelli and Kimberly, two sister-in-laws, have done.  LIQUID SUNSHINE has been created out of the love for oils and the passion to share and help others.  


Kelli was introduced during her pregnancy by her doula.  Kimberly had been to an oil party, leaving intrigued but overwhelmed.  It wasn’t till a few years later, the stars aligned and LIQUID SUNSHINE was created.  With 5 kids between the two, all of them were finally of school age and it left some new freetime - which was foreign to both.  Kelli had been following a mom on Instagram, who posted about her day to day life. She was real and raw and Kelli liked her posts.  She would post about essential oils now and again, and how she was using them with her kids. Kelli, who was raised with a “clean lifestyle”, liked the idea of natural remedies and decided to give them a try.  This was the perfect opportunity and person she could ask. Sarah, who she was following on Instagram and they didn’t know each other. If Kelli wanted to stop using the oils, it would be easier to walk away than if she got involved with a neighbor or a friend.  She ordered her first starter pack from Sarah - and she was hooked.

Kimberly had been using a specific essential oil as an alternative to medicine.  She was obsessed with this oil. It amazed her with the effects it had. At this time in her life, wanting to do something with her time… she almost took a job that she had no desire to be doing.  Kimberly received a call from Kelli and they chatted about oils. As they spoke, the both got more and more excited about all the things these oils could do… It was then that they grabbed hands and jumped, creating a business from passion - LIQUID SUNSHINE.

Spending most of their time together anyways, now they had a common drive and they committed to one another to make their passion a reality.  Kelli and Kimberly want to share all they know about essential oils with as many people that want to learn. Essential oils are either completely foreign to people or they may have heard of them but want to learn more.  Sending out samples, sharing with friends, getting oils into their hands to try and use is the goal of LIQUID SUNSHINE. K & K are not just selling a product and walking away, they are included in your purchase. They are a resource that will always be there for you to reach out and ask questions to.  They want you to USE your oils. There is no gain in purchasing oils to have them sit in your drawer… (you can give them to me if you don’t use them ;) . LIQUID SUNSHINE posts how to use your oils, ways you can use a specific oil such as peppermint for reducing a fever, Q&A series, and they walk you through anything you are unsure of.  If you are local you are lucky and can attend one of their hands on workshops. For those that do not live close, K & K offer so many insights and helpful tips daily on their instagram and facebook pages.

I am so excited for K&K and LIQUID SUNSHINE.  Their passion has become their job, and their job doesn’t feel like work because they love what they are doing.  I can’t wait to attend the workshop on the 24th of May. Not only will I walk away more educated on how to use my oils, but LIQUID SUNSHINE packages and labels their rollers making them their own and making me want to buy everything… (I think it’s a girl thing).