The One That I Want


First Communion is this Saturday. Both my husband and I are not Catholic, but have decided to introduce Catholicism into our boys lives. We are definitely fish out of water. Maguire my youngest is so excited. My older two did their first communion with only a few other families because they were older, so this is a whole different deal this time around.

As we left practice last night, there were tables set out with jewelry on display. Necklaces and bracelets with crosses and saints. They were beautiful. The boys selection consisted of a skinny black leather “collar” type necklace and a simple silver chain. Maguire did not like them. He said... “I want to have one like Uncle Aaron.” Uncle Aaron is my older brother. We do not see him as much as we would like since he moved to Seattle. Aaron wears a beautiful gold necklace with a saint (I do not know which one). As we looked at everything, Maguire liked the “girls” necklaces better - can’t blame him. We tried on several necklaces... He decided on a green stone necklace with a cross. It is beautiful, and of course one of the most expensive on the table. As we left Maguire said... “now I can run with Uncle Aaron.” Aaron is a huge runner and when we do see him on vacations, he runs every morning. My boys run a few miles with him and then he drops them back off and runs more. Maguire loves his Uncle.

I am so proud that Maguire continues to be himself. He makes his own choices, whether it is his clothes, hairstyle, hobbies or jewelry. I tell him often that being “different” isn’t always easy, that you are a target for judgement. When he decided to turn his hair platinum (a 4 hour process)...
I heard a kid at school tell his dad... “I don’t like Maguire’s hair that way.” I was annoyed to say the least, but understood people are going to have their opinions. Hopefully there is some parenting involved and the “GOLDEN RULE” has been taught. Being different is what makes Maguire who he is, and he owns it. So if you are in his 1st Communion this Saturday... check out his cool green necklace! ;) I hope you all embrace your kids for who they are!!!

Angela Wingard