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I am just a typical girl from a little beach town.  Erase that.  I am far from typical, and the little beach town "bubble" I am from feels like it is about to burst.  I used to love living in the town I call home.  I was proud that people knew my family.  My dad grew up and went to the same schools I did and we even had some of the same teachers - which is a little frightening.  My grandfather has one of the last double lots in the town, a home that he built.  He bought the land for $500 and put every sweat and tear he had into making a house for his family to live.  Today, he gets letters and door knockers asking him to sell so the new "locals" can build their double lot dream homes.  Leave Grandpa Jack alone…   

I wanted to start a blog for myself, somewhere where I could express myself and write down my thoughts and feelings.  I have always been a - talker.  I love sharing any information I can to help others... why wouldn't I? I rarely read, and I do not write, so this is comical I am doing a blog.  I am now a mom, living in the town I grew up in, raising three boys.  I have been through a lot ... learning 2 out of 3 of my kids have learning struggles - one being diagnosed Autistic and the other "complicated".  I have traveled and journeyed and have shared and listened to so many stories.  Stories that have made me cry, stories that have made me feel grateful and empathetic, but all stories that have added to my life.  I decided to start a blog where moms can come and share their stories and ask questions about their struggles day to day or long term.  I do not have all the answers, but we are all in this together.  I have learned that there are so many amazing resources out there that few know about, from OT, PT, ABA, CBT, and sports and art programs that should be spotlighted.  I will share with you what I have learned and experiences I have had…  This has not been an easy path.  I move a million miles a minute and never sit still.  If I actually stop I often think I will crumble.  I have a tough exterior and may look put together, but inside, I have a lot of tears to be shed, I am afraid if I start crying I won’t be able to stop.. So my eyes stay dry and my heart remains heavy.  This blog is not for parents that have kids with special needs, it is for parents who all have kids that are special.  We all have our struggles, from tantrums in the car because they want to buckle their car seat, to extremely hard days with epilepsy and seizures.  This is a place to share, a place to feel connected and a place to be vulnerable and real.  NO JUDGMENT.  

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Angela Wingard